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1.      What do clippers do ?

Clippers are electronic circuits which clip the input sinusoidal signal without distorting the rest one waveform. It clips either on positive side, negative side or both sides depend on the configuration of the circuit. 

2.      What is difference between biased clipper and unbiased clipper?

Biased clippers clip the sinusoidal input signal with some addition of dc voltage. In other words, these clippers are configured with dc supply.

Unbiased clippers also clip the sinusoidal input signal but they are not configured with external dc supply. Give figure showing biased and unbiased clipper circuit.

3.      What is DC shift? How do we calculate it?

DC shift phenomenon occurs in clamper circuit. It shifts the input signal either on positive side or negative side. DC shift can also be calculated by following relation.


4. Draw the output of clamper circuit with the given input below. Assume diode is an ideal.

5. Draw the output of clipper circuit with the given input below. Assume diode has 0.7 V drop.

6.      TRUE or FALSE

·         The purpose of clippers to add a portion on the input signal without distorting the remaining part of the alternating waveform (F)

·         Ideal diode behaves like a short circuit when reverse biased. (F)

·         We can determine the AC shift by function generator (F)

·         We can measure DC shift by using function generator (F)

·         The aim of clampers is to shift the waveform of input signal to a different DC level without changing the appearance of the applied signal (T)

·         Ideal diode conducts the current flow in both directions to operate (F)

·         Ideal diode conducts the current flow only in one direction to operate (T)

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