Half Wave Rectifier Circuit & PSpice Simulation

Half-Wave Rectifier

Rectifier is a process of converting the sinusoidal signal into DC form. So, Half-wave rectifier circuit will convert the sinusoidal signal into half DC signal. It will provide the only positive half of the output. Figure 1 showing the basic block diagram for half-wave rectifier.


Figure 1:Basic blocking diagram circuit for half-wave rectifier.


Figure 2 showing the circuit schematic for half-wave rectifier circuit. As we already know the working of diode circuit . It has two modes. In forward biased mode it works and allow the current to flow and in reverse biased mode, it do not work and do not allow the signal to pass it.

                                         Figure 2: Circuit schematic representation

Let suppose, the amplitude of sinusoidal signal is 100 V and voltage drop across the diode is 0.7V, then Vout is simply given by

 Vout = 100 – 0.7 = 99.3 V

And this voltage will be obtained only on for positive input half cycle because for this case diode is on, while for the case of negative input half cycle the diode will be open and therefore, there will be no output voltage will appear across the load resistor. 

I have attached a video of half-wave rectifier circuit using PSpice. It will help you how to simulate the circuit in PSpice. 

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